Time for Some Updates

I’m sooooo bad at blogging! But figured it was update time. So, what’s been going on?

The Now or Never Moment: Omnibus is now live and for sale. Grab a copy HERE while it’s only $0.99.


My book The Danger of Observation is pending review over at Kindle Scout. If it’s a no go there, I’m going to try to find another home for it. Ive been feeling out small publishers because I can’t keep up with my editing load. My stories are piling up! So stayed tuned to see if anything comes from my efforts.


I’m still awesome, but Im sure everyone knows that. Ha!!!!

And A Fabrication of the Truth is available now at other online retailers. Check out several HERE or at Barnes & Noble.

Some people have inquired about Study Partners. It’s coming along. It’s not the novel I thought it was going to be. It will end up being novella length. I tried to add more story to it, but it’s just a story about two people’s sexual journey. I’m trying to find a home for it.

Once I find homes for some of my books, then I’ll be able to put out more books myself.

I think that’s it for now.